Brunch in Babel is a short comedy that confronts the lack of communication in today’s supposedly evolved society.  Set in a swanky New York City restaurant, the patrons, four distinct couples, suffer from the inability to listen, and thus, to be heard. A God-like figure intervenes, realizing that an ancient decision has gone too far.  With the simple clink of a coffee cup, the divine figure rapturously course-corrects human behavior, creating a modern-day Pentecost that hopefully will stay for good.

Brunch in Babel Poster.jpg

Written by Derek Nicoletto

Original music by Jaime Lawrence, Derek Nicoletto and Samantha Garrett

Director of Photography - Matt Simpkins

Editor - Greg Roderick

Associate Producers - Melanie Waldron

Produced by Lisa Donmall-Reeve

Produced in association with On The Rocks Films

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.