We have worked with many producers and production companies, but no one compares to the relationship we’ve built with Lisa and her team at LDR Creative. Lisa Donmall-Reeve is one of the most persistent, respectable and eager producers I’ve met.  She always listens to concerns and suggestions while maintaining a strong voice for the aspects she wants to fight for.  She has an uncanny ability to let her instincts and gut lead her to favorable and rewarding results.
Matt Simpkins - ON THE ROCKS FILMS
As a producer and creator, Lisa embodies “fortitude” in all respects, bringing her innate moxie to each and every project she takes on. From the ground up, she is hands-on with her creative teams, bringing years of experience and understanding to the table.
Daryl Getman - Director, Double Exposure
Her approach to filmmaking is always creative and diligent but what sets her apart is how willing she is to take a risk when her instinct kicks in.
Khadifa Wong - Director, Uprooted
Lisa quite simply elevates the game. She is a gifted producer and the hardest working professional in the room. She is an artist of substance, an original thinker, and an impactful storyteller. Her work is visually fascinating and always thought provoking.
Ben Hartley - Director, Early Mourning & Free
Lisa is aware of the film crew and actors' needs. 
... she has a grounded straightforward approach that keeps the work moving without drama.
Greg Roderick - AD & Editor, On The Rocks Films